Laser Tag Rules of Play

  • Obey ALL attendants instructions
  • No running, crawling, or climbing anywhere in the laser tag arena
  • No foul language or physical contact
  • You must have both hands on the phaser at all times
  • No bullying any other players, this includes but is not limited to, following other players who are deactivated and waiting to tag them as soon as they are activated again
  • Experienced players should show good sportsmanship by not continuously targeting inexperienced players
  • Keep both feet on the floor at all times
  • Closed toe shoes must be worn at all times. You may rent bowling shoes if needed. No Exceptions!
  • No wet shoes allowed in the laser tag arena
  • All electronics and personal items should be safely secured before entering the arena. We are not responsible for lost or damaged items
  • No food or drinks allowed
  • Any misconduct deemed inappropriate by the laser tag attendant will be cause for dismissal from the arena with no refunds
  • Pregnant women, those who suffer from asthma, are epileptic, suffer from seizures caused by fog or strobe lights, have vision, heart, neck, or back problems, have high blood pressure, motion sickness, vertigo, are under the influence of alcohol or drugs, have had aneurysms or recent surgery or illness, equilibrium or ear problems, are diabetic or any health or physical conditionthat could be affected by this attraction should NOT play laser tag.
  • All guests who play laser tag do so at their own risk